Meet us!

About our team

We are a group of undergraduates interested in acting as outreach to all students in statistics. In addition to that, we also act as an additional resources for the Statistics Department to reach out to; we hold collaboration with the undergraduate advisors and professors to provide more to the statistics community. Our group consists of a president, treasurer, secretary, external committee, internal committee, and advisory committee.



The president oversees all activities within our organization and approves of all decisions sent in and out of the team.


The treasurer oversees all financial flow in the organization and is the medium for all of our financial activities. Budgeting and reimbursements are handled by the treasurer.


The secretary keeps records of all meetings and enforces attendance within the team. In general, the secretary streamlines communication between multiple aspects of our team.

External Committee

The external committee is in charge of planning and organizing events that relate to getting speakers and anything that involves parties outside of SUSA.

Internal Committee

The internal committee is in charge of planning and organizing events that relate directly to our community of undergraduates. Activities include planning for study halls, socials, and creating materials for classes.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is reserved for past officers of SUSA who have demonstrated dedication to their duties and have an understanding of the interactions that go on between the officers themselves and the statistics department. Activities include filling in the duties of other officers, assisting any officer with their duties, and acting as a source of inspiration/consultation for other officers to draw on.

How to join us?

As of Fall 2021, SUSA is currently in limbo, please contact the statistics department's undergraduate advisors or Edward Chang for more info or interest in bringing SUSA back!