The Point System

Throughout the semester, there will be lots of points available to all SUSA members. The threshold to reach by the end of the semester will be 50 points - this will be taken into consideration when we consider returning member applications at the end of the semester. If you do not reach 50 points, you will not be eligible to join a committee next semester. The goal to reach by the end of the semester will be 80 points - this is what we feel an active member of the organization would naturally reach. There will likely be other events and opportunities to earn extra points throughout the semester, but the minimum threshold will not change. Members can earn points by coming to SUSA related activities and events ranging from workshops held by our Education committee to tech talks hosted by our EVP committee and socials held by our IVP committee. In addition to these events, your committee director will be allotted 5 "Committee Participation" points per two weeks. Be sure to remind your committee director to distribute these points!

Check your points below!*

Our IVP committee is in charge of updating and keeping track of points.

All points are updated as of 5/2. Please contact us at if you spot any inaccuracies.

*Please Note that if you have not come to an event yet, we do not have your SID in our database and you will be unable to use this tool

Point Values and Distribution

Academic Events
  • Faculty Dinner - 5 points
  • 5 Faculty Coffee Chats - 5 points each
  • 4 Technical Workshops - 5 points each
  • Participation in SUSA Mentors - 5 per hour of providing/receiving tutoring
  • Research Symposium - 5 points
Social Events
  • 8+ Club-wide Socials - 10 points each
    • i.e. Scavenger Hunt, Bowling, Hiking, Movie Nights, etc.
  • 8+ DonutBot Hangouts - 10 points each
  • Study Hours - 5 per hour
  • Committee Participation - 5 pts per two weeks
  • Tabling/Flyering - 5 points per hour
  • Miscellaneous (TBD - check back for updates!)